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Erosion Patcher Preset

I used ableton and I always tried to get plugins in FL Studio to match those in Ableton. I have to say that the Melda Free FX Suite has been great at providing the balancing touch between the two DAW’s. However, there is not Erosion plugin in any other DAW and nobody has created a 3rd party standalone VST. I decided to try and recreate Erosion within Patcher.   

DOWNLOAD LINK:  (Click Here)  


  • Melda Free FX Suite (Click Here)
  • Some Knowledge of Patcher

WHITE NOISE : Passes a filtered white noise signal. I used the MNoiseGenerator to create the white noise signal. Used MEqualizer to create the bandpass and linked it to the pad in the top left to filter the noise.   

WIDE NOISE : Same as White Noise but I added a stereo shaper to make the signal wide. The ableton one is a little different. The use two different signals, one for the right and one for the left making it stereo.  

SINE: Uses a sine wave to modulate the signal of the white noise. This sine option does not use a filter so the white axis is disabled but the X-axis is still enabled.  

DEGRADE: In MNoiseGenerator, it has the option of stairs. By increasing the stairs knob, you are essentially increasing the probability of stairs which degrades the signal.  

GAIN: I added two fruity balances, in case the white noise wasn’t too audible or if the user wanted the effect more audible.  

SATURATION: I added a waveshaper to the Quick Sat preset. It adds a touch of saturation to the white noise signal.  

NOISE GATE THRESHOLD: Allows the signal only to come through only when there is another sound coming in or if it goes above the threshold that the user sets.

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